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Did you know that when you call UPS to report a missing package you have to describe in detail the item you ordered?


And to be honest I feel kind of violated because it was a bra.

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Inga by The Noisy Plume on Flickr.

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I want cable knit sweaters to be something they are not 

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He had a wife, you know,” he remarked to the little wooden figure. He brought his hand near to the candlelight to examine his nails. “Arabella Woodhope. The most charming girl in all the world. But dead. Dead, dead, dead.” He picked up a nail-buffer from the table and began to polish his nails with it. “In fact, now that I come to think of it, was I not in love with her myself? I think I must have been. She had the sweetest way of saying my name and smiling at the same time, and every time she did so, my heart turned over.” He laughed. “You know, it is really very ridiculous, but I cannot actually remember what my name is. Laurence? Arthur? Frank? I wish Arabella were here. She would know. And she would tell me too! She is not one of those women who tease one and insist upon making a game of everything long after it has ceased to be amusing. By God, I wish she were here! There is an ache here.” He tapped his heart. “And something hot and hard inside here.” He tapped his forehead. “But half an hour’s conversation with Arabella would put both right, I am sure.

jonathan strange and mr. norrell

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If I ever don’t reblog this, maybe check in on me.

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The standout in the class, the ones you should all make it your mission to destroy.

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starrydawn replied to your photo “buffalo plaid on Flickr.”

Your red hair is so pretty! You look like you walked out of a painting, heh.

Awww thank you! But trust me there were some real duds while trying to capture this one. My remote control also hated me - could not tell when it was going to work or why it would suddenly fail. That said, I’m really pleased with this. I haven’t taken a self portrait (and by that I mean using my tripod and remote control to take a more ~artsy photo of myself) in ages so I’m glad I made this happen even if it seemed like it wasn’t going to work.

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buffalo plaid on Flickr.

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Over 700 Jefferson County High School students are staging walkouts and protests over proposed changes to the Advanced Placement History curriculum. According to Colorado Public Radio:

Last week, a school board member proposed that advanced placement history classes be required to promote free enterprise and patriotism and be required to avoid classroom materials that encourage social strife or civil disobedience. Two high schools in Jefferson County closed Friday after dozens of teachers called in sick in protest.

According the online petition to be delivered to the School District:

Jeffco Public School Board has just proposed a change of curriculum stating that, “Materials should not encourage or condone civil disorder, social strife or disregard of the law. Instructional materials should present positive aspects of the United States and its heritage.”

This means that important parts of our history such as the Civil Rights Movement, Native American genocide, and slavery will not be taught in public schools. If these important lessons are not taught, children will not learn from them, and what will stop them from happening again? This is a severe form of censorship intended to keep the youth ignorant and easy to manipulate. I’m hoping to get enough signatures to prove that this is a public issue, so, please, if this is important to you, please sign. Do not let our youth grow up in ignorance; we all deserve the truth!

You can sign the petition here.

You can read more articles at The Denver Post, CBS Denver (with video), and Colorado Public Radio.

Thanks to theseacaptainsdaughter for dropping a link in my inbox.

Yesterday I spent 3+ hours protesting with more than 400 students that go to my school alone. That doesn’t include the other high schools that participated in the Jeffco district. It got more publicity than we were expecting and we’re grateful for that, but to keep this going would be great. If you agree and are against the censorship of AP US History classes please click on the link and sign the petition.

I fervently hope your efforts to protect your history education are successful. I’ve noticed a lot of the articles are trying to pretend that “kids just want to skip class”, and I think it’s disrespectful and dismissive. The petition is almost at its goal, so I hope people continue to sign it.

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